The activity of Grup Alimentari Disteco

Today we are a leading company in marketing, distribution and processing of fresh and processed food products.

The growth of our business has meant for us a diversification and specialization in our activities so that we can continue to offer our customers the best service.

Distributor of the HORECA channel

Hotels, restaurants and catering companies are among our main clients.

Betting on proximity, in Grupo Alimentari DISTECO we want to contribute our small grain of sand in the conservation of the environment and for that reason as distributor of the horeca channel and the proximity trade we bet to support the local producers, trying to reduce the distances between the point production and distribution point.



Distributor of COMERCIAL channel

Our goal is to get the highest quality products to the final customer and therefore we work with important chains of hypermarkets, supermarkets and local commerce.

At DISTECO we are aware of the growing importance of the process and the place of food processing, so in addition to providing services as an alimentary distributor, for a few years we have diversified our activity and entered the world of food production by the hand of some of the brands we distribute.

So we can be sure that when we do our commercial work of representing brands we are offering our customers a high quality product.

Commercial representation of marks

Commercial representatives of quality brands to the big chains, wholesalers, horeca buying groups and retail professionals.

High quality products and high quality products. The consumer is increasingly aware of the importance of knowing the origin of the products that he consumes and is more willing to buy products made in his environment.

For many consumers knowing that a product has been prepared in a point close to them already supposes an extra quality.