Logistics and distribution

En  Grup Alimentari DISTECO ofrecemos desde hace más de dos décadas servicios de  logística y distribución comercial de productos alimentarios, aunando calidad de servicio y lucha por la mejora del medio ambiente.

Nos encargamos directamente de todas las labores relacionadas con el almacenaje del producto, la preparación de pedidos y la distribución. De esta forma podemos asegurar a nuestros socios comerciales que sus productos van a llegar a sus clientes en óptimas condiciones. Con el cuidado y dedicación que sólo un experto en distribución alimentaria puede dar.

Our work would not be complete without a good logistics and distribution system.

It allows us to take our products to all our customers in an efficient and ecological way.

Save costs affects the final price of the product, making it more competitive.

Proximity Logistics

The long-distance trade affects environmental degradation with increased emission of gases during transport that create the greenhouse effect and also of persons, the NGO Intermón Oxfam in a report denounces the irregularities in the third world of multinationals food, as this NGO do not hesitate to put their commercial interests to any circumstance, although it degraded ecosystems or consenting child labor.


At the same time supporting local producers and closest possible to the distribution point, together with the maximum product grouping order lowers and clears the chain producer – retailer – consumer, this proximity makes it easier to know the origin of the products and production methods, consumers are increasingly aware of the importance of nutrition and food security.


We have the certainty that the correct distribution of products weigh heavily in the struggle for environmental improvement as it avoids the use of the energy.

The strengthening of the developers based on proximity and regrouping of different types of products (meat, tinned, dried etc.) By one service creates wealth and quality of life in the immediate environment. Local consumption and purchase of proximity positively affects the economy of those who practice it and it is the best way to make Country.