5 juny 2014



Montflorit Products made with seawater

Montflorit Products made with seawater

From Grup Alimentari Disteco, we continually seek elements accompanied by a added value that can help differentiate our clients and their segment market, from the rest.

Now we are pleased to introduce some new products with a great difference value to be healthier, more natural and with a unique flavour.

Montflorit products are made with seawater. These products are made with water from the Mediterranean Sea, which has a high biological value and all health requirements for human consumption.

In the case of cooked ham; within the normal manufacturing process, the brine is made with fresh water and salt which contains only two minerals: sodium and chloride, the

brine made from sea water has more than 90 minerals, including magnesium, potassium or calcium in perfect balance for easy and complete assimilation.

Using seawater rather than traditional brine numerous benefits for the human body are obtained. Scientific studies have proven that contributes to lower blood pressure, reduce blood cholesterol and improve the symptoms of eczema and atopic dermatitis.

The secret of the advantages of sea water is in its composition very similar to human plasma due to the marine origin of the first living cells that were over 3600 million

years ago.

The products manufactured with water from the Mediterranean Sea have been created to satisfy the most discerning palates in a natural way.

A part of the cutting edge products of “Montflorit”, also we present Sea water itself of the Galician company “Water Seven Seas.”

We are available by our sales team to clarify any issues or queries that might arise.

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